If I want a refund, where do I return the goods to?

It is a pity to hear you are after a refund for 3dastronomer.

Just so you are fully aware, once the refund is processed you will not be able to get future updates for free, nor access the members area and any members features you have currently been joined to.

We have also been updating everything behind the scenes. We are now on a new dedicated server to ensure all your downloads work every time and are about to set up another dedicated server for mirrored downloads, just to be sure.

We are currently working on a new members and help area for this software.

This is a detailed help area and will also allow you to get in touch with other users from around the world to discuss new ideas and designs.

These are just a few of the many 100% free updates you will miss out on by receiving a refund. After all imagine using  the latest version of 3dastronomer in 10 years time. All for no extra cost.

As mentioned earlier, once this your membership is canceled  you will not longer to have access to any of these features.

However if you are certain that this is what you must do there are a couple of steps to get your refund processed quickly:

Download Version:

To get a refund for the download version of 3dastronomer please contact ClickBank our Payment Processor.

1. open this link in your internet browser (simply copy the below link then paste it into your browsers address bar) 


2. supply the receipt number

3. supply your email address / or payment details

4. click on support and create a ticket with the details of why you are requesting a refund

5. Enter in a detailed reason why you are requesting a refund.

6. Delete everything you purchased from you computer

Please note, the purchaser is the only person able to do this due to security reasons.

We are sorry to lose you as a customer. 3dastronomer is growing at an amazing rate, and new features are constantly planned for release over the coming months ahead.

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