I download the files but I can not find them. Where are they?

The problem with downloads is that there is not really a default location.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and most other internet browsers don”t download files automatically.

It needs assistance of the user to confirm the download and the download location.

Every time you click a link to trigger a download, IE intercepts it and asks the user for a download location where to save the file.

Make sure you remember which location you select.

If this location was not changed it goes to the place you downloaded files to last time.

Probably the best idea is to re-download the file.

  • Right click on the file you want to download.
  • Click Save Link as
  • Select the location you want to download the file to (a good idea is to write it down)
  • Once it is downloaded go to the location you wrote down and double click to open the file

Remember you can access the members area anytime by going to:


Here you can re download any files, purchase physical copies and download updates as they are released.

As a member remember you get access to physical copies at a wholesale price.

These make a great present!

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